Gorkha E-Learning Collaborative Project

Gorkha E-Learning Collaborative Project The Gorkha E-Learning Collaborative is a pilot project led by the Gorkha Foundation. This initiative was originated by a local teacher in Gorkha District, Nepal who wanted to help other teachers learn how to run remote classes during the school closures due to COVID-19. The main hub of the project is the E-Learning Collaborative which has brought together over 60 teachers across subjects and grade levels from six community upper secondary schools in remote areas of Gorkha District into a community of inquiry focused on e-learning. This hub has empowered local teachers to work with the Gorkha Foundation to find solutions related to other pre- existing problems that have been exacerbated by COVID-19 such as internet connectivity, reduced access to menstrual hygiene products for female students, and other health and empowerment of students.

The Gorkha Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, grassroots organization whose purpose is to support initiatives that reduce poverty and inequality by making sustainable improvements to the living conditions of the poor and marginalized in the Gorkha region of Nepal.