WHR_data_gathering_with Chhoprak
WHR data-gathering meeting with Chhoprak Ward 9 Women’s Group to develop a model village concept (Chhoprak VDC).

Gorkha Foundation is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Women for Human Rights (WHR) on an exciting initiative in Western Gorkha.

The foundation’s directors have been working closely with WHR Nepal on a concept model village to be pioneered in Chhoprak. The project, which takes a holistic approach to reconstruction and sustainable development, will focus on community leadership by local women’s groups.

At the core of the strategy is the establishment of a Women’s Leadership Committee which will oversee the development of a community center, Chhahari-safe space, toilets, water sanitation and healthcare provision, local microcredit initiatives, teacher training, an e-library and school building reconstruction. It is envisaged that under the group leadership of local women, these facets of the community will flourish to bring a new lease of life to the village and the surrounding area.


The Gorkha Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, grassroots organization whose purpose is to support initiatives that reduce poverty and inequality by making sustainable improvements to the living conditions of the poor and marginalized in the Gorkha region of Nepal.