The Gorkha Foundation approach

women in field

The Foundation is very much a product of Gorkha: Our founders originate there and our operations and project management all come directly from local communities within the district. We fundamentally understand the importance of integration and community ownership of the various strands of our mission. It would be pointless to impose unrealistic, foreign outcomes upon these farming communities, as they would simply never gain traction and momentum.

Farming takes precedence in Gorkha. This is a fact. Our approach to empowering villages is based on the premise of making farmers’ lives more healthy, efficient and productive, thus creating space for qualitative developments in education for the younger generations. Through this, we intend an increase in the perceived value of education in rural areas for the benefit of students of all castes and genders. Our approach to inclusion and equality, in particular through work with low castes and women’s groups, forms the heart of our holistic approach to development.

carrying fodder for livestock_credit Chris Maxted
making bread_credit Chris Maxted

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