Tacoma Teachers: (from left) Aimme Youvne Garcia, Analis Rivasplata (Nepane High School), Samantha Mcyntyre (Bhacheck Primary) Brenna Gowin (Mahendra Jyoti Primary), Basanta Devkota (GF coordinator) and Luke Warren (Sudarshan Lower Secondary)

Five teachers from Tacoma, Washington are volunteering for the coming months in Gorkha Foundation partner schools in Lig, Kerabari and Hansapur.

Analis A. Rivasplata, Aimee Yvonne Garcia, Luke Warren, Brenna Gowin and Samantha McIntyre – all graduates from Tacoma School of the Arts – are currently in the district to run English classes and assist teachers in some of the areas badly hit by last year’s earthquake and the ongoing fuel shortages. They are working closely with the Gorkha Foundation team to bring some of their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to students at Sudarshan Lower Secondary School in Lig, Mahendra Jyoti Primary School in Kerabari and Bhachek Primary School, Hansapur, all of which are currently holding lessons in temporary shelters due to the extensive damage of the school buildings. The newly reconstructed Nepane High School in Kerabari is also receiving the teachers during their stay.

Analis Rivasplata and Luke Warren with students at a newly constructed Nepane High School (Kerabari VDC).
Brenna Gowin teaching a class at Mahendra Jyoti Primary School in a temporary learning center (Kerabari VDC).